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FALL 2019 Classes:
FALL 2019 MICROeconomics (ECN212) Late Start

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Prospective students:
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* There are NO in-person class meetings, for the Fall 2019 classes.
* All class tests are online and all the class activities we would do in class can also be taken online.
* Although there are suggested "due dates" for everything, you may complete the tests and other work for the class whenever you want to, at any time that is convenient.
* In place of firm deadlines an due dates, the course work requires that you attempt and complete work in a sequence, so you should pay attention to the order in which the work is organized.
* The suggested class pace is fast. Every two weeks in the online Late Start class, you should think of yourself as trying to do the work of three weeks in an in-person class.

Textbook and Materials
* The textbook and study guide can be downloaded for FREE.
* You can also order a printed copy for about the cost of printing (about $15 for each, including shipping), but doing so is optional. You can download and print the items you wish yourself as you prefer.
* The textbook and study guide are also built into the class pages, so you can just read them one chapter at a time if you don't want to deal with the whole thing in one big gulp.
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